I have been making my own Yogurt for a long time. Not only is it delicious, but also NO PRESERVATIVES – NO ADDITIVES OF ANY KIND and at a fractions of the price that you buy the rubbish in the shops for.


Mix 140 Grams of Full Cream Milk Powder with 500 ml warm water.

Put on the stove in a double cooker and heat to 85 C – No less –  No more

Let it cool to 45 C

Ad Starter Culture ( more about that later) and mix very well

Keep at 45 C until set (About three hours)


Work clean and sterile to avoid contamination which will effect the quality of the end product.

I have a heater – dehydrator in which I cure the yogurt at 45 C for three hours which works perfectly. Should you not have one, use the bottom drawer of your stove or any other hot place – about 45 C.  At lower temperatures it will take longer to set. At higher temperatures you will kill the culture.


Start off by buying a natural yogurt in the shop containing  – LIVE CULTURE. Use about 50 g of this as your initial starter culture. Thereafter keep about 50 g of your own Yogurt you have made to act as the next Starter Culture. Starter Culture can be kept in the fridge for a few weeks should you not make Yogurt immediately every time you have finished the last batch.

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