Seen and heard at the Stadium Markets (Every Sunday)

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The quail eggs are selling well and many interested people visit my stall. The reactions of visitors never cease to amuse, and in some cases astound me! Going to the markets is really a fun pastime for anyone who has something to sell.  Every Sunday I have people pointing at the eggs or quails asking: ” I have never seen quail before!”, ‘”what are those ? ”  , ” can you eat the eggs?” , “can you eat the birds?”, ” ooh, lovely”, ” yuck!” , ” how can you eat such cute little things you heartless brute!”, ” I remember eating quail.. very yummy!”, ” I never thought I would be able to buy quail eggs and quails in Dunedin!”, and on and on.  Many people have shown real interest in quail keeping and some have purchased not only quail but also cages and food from me.  I hope they get as much enjoyment from their birds as I get from mine.

Today I ‘travelled’ to the East and to Spain and Italy! While there is a lot of local products there are imported items too, some new stalls and others that have been around for some time.

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The colourful items of Ali Rashidinejad bring something very unusual to the markets. His bags and shoes are made from Persian carpets and are imported. I love colour and eastern carpets and am very tempted by his bags. Ali has been a regular stall holder for some time, is busy with a PhD in food science, working on specialised cheeses. He is a very pleasant character to talk to,  his items are very fairly priced.  Nothing beats personal service so why shop anywhere else for gifts than at the markets on Sunday!


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Spain and Italy comes to the markets! Licorice from these countries are of the best quality and are irresistible.  It was the second time at the Sunday markets for these girls and we hope that they will have enough support from the public to make it worth their while to come again.

Lots more to talk about next week !

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    • We have 2 markets the Saturday one is in front of the beautiful station building , vetted by the council, and the Sunday one run by the Rotary. Too many for a small place like Dunedin – everyone would do better if they combined the two.

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