African Coup d’état

2014-10-27 - Wine 10

True to African tradition, as soon as the Head of State (Mrs Back Yard Farmer) left the country for a holiday with the grandchildren, the Opposition (Aka Back Yard Farmer), arranged a well organised COUP and took over the kitchen table. Fortunately, no blood was shed as all the remaining living subjects (quails, chickens, rabbits, etc) were on the side of the opposition, seeing they were the sole beneficiaries of the must from 130 liters of wine (only after Grappa has been distilled though). Recipes to follow soon with the next post.


3 thoughts on “African Coup d’état

  1. Nothing like a good clean coup to get the blood fizzing. Mrs BYFarmer will hopefully have a wonderful break while you are fomenting your fermentation and pickling your backyard livestock to within an inch of their lives. At least they will all be happy for the duration 😉

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