Mean Rabbit Shredder

Following my very unsuccessful rabbit breeding effort I have placed the plump doe with a hired stud and am hoping for the best (cost me a lot of money). Now for the Buck that was actually a Doe (I think) I have allocated a new abode and re-categorised her as a Breeder.

After everything calmed down I again became suspicious about the sex of the ‘new’ breeding doe and decided to first consult Google on how to sex your rabbits and came across a very handy you tube demonstration. I shared the article with a couple of my friends to get their opinion and was warned to be careful as an angry doe can be vicious and mean (like most females). Me being a seasoned farmer and rabbit breeder, I  caught the lady for inspection – the long and the short of the story is she disapproved of the procedure and now look at my arm!!


2015-12-11 - Rabbit shredder

4 thoughts on “Mean Rabbit Shredder

  1. I have a couple like that. I found the best method (other than lead to the head) thick gloves, sweatshirt and a very fast hand. One of mine went on the attack today. No reason…got no babies, just a toad. One day soon I will bred a nicer personality rabbit to replace her. 5.5kgs launching to bite…not nice. Except in the pot, very nice lol

  2. Hi BYF, I had a doe that had a really bad attitude like yours. She scratched me quit bad. I purchased some long sleeved rose pruning gloves from a garden centre. Did not have any problems with being scratched after that.

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