National Poultry Show – Oamaru

2015-07-17 - Poultry Show Lunch

Today Mrs BYF and I took the two grandsons and their mother to the National Poultry Show in Oamaru,  The poultry show was great and we admired all the not so functional efficient poultry breeds, as well as those that have a purpose of existence. The grandsons were very intrigued by the pigeons that swallowed balloons and those who forgot to tame their punk hairstyles. One of them wanted a balloon pigeon to take home, the other opted for a goose.

The other reason for attending the show was to see if their were any Anconas worth adding to my flock. I found the organisation a bit haphazard. Following my inquiries days before the show about birds for sale, I was informed that there would be “silent” bidding for animals on sale but nobody seemed to know anything about this “sale”. Also trying to find which animals, if any, were for sale delivered little results. Needless to say, I came home without any Anconas – to the delight of Mrs BYF.

The best of the trip was experiencing the Victorian part of the city – very impressive. The picnic on a stone table with the harbor on the one side and the playground on the other, was a great success attracting lots of comments from passers by, as we were the only picnickers. I forgot the home made wine as well as the tablecloth at home, but a bottle of local plonk went down well with the home grown salads, quail eggs, home cured salmon, focaccia, lamb and cucumber sandwiches and bread. By the end of the picnic the kid’s sandwiches lived up to their name – containing real sand from the playground.  After the lunch the trip back seemed much longer than the trip going.

Out of Africa


Being married for almost half a century and having been told every so often that I have too many animals, I never thought the day would come that Mrs BYF would buy me another. Returning from darkest Africa, after three months on safari, she returned with this guinea fowl. If I have a bird, given the practical farmer that I am, I either eat it or breed from it. Eating such a valuable bird seems wasteful, so, to improve the genetics of my flock, I now am trying to extract some valuable DNA from the African beads, (which Mrs BYF  has a passion for) and coat hanger wire.