Summer at last in Dunedin and Poppys

2014-12-29 - Poppy 1

When one’s neighbour’s garden can only be described as amazing, it is pure pleasure to water it every morning while they are away. I found what I think must be the ‘biggest poppy in the world’ flowering beside the chicken coop this morning and got lots of brownie points for bringing it to Mrs BYF ! There are many more buds so there will be seeds for next year. The pictures shows the huge bloom in a jug with ordinary sized poppys.

Living in Lovely Dunedin: GRADUATES EVERYWHERE

2014-12-18 - Dunedin Parade


The picture is not my own see (next year I will have my camera ready!)

I am totally bowled over by this small university city!  On Saturday morning we drove through the central business district (for starters, where else is that possible!), and got caught up in a traffic jam. The main street was closed and as the litany of complaints rose from troops in the back seat( ‘I will never see my mommy again’ was just one) we heard the pipers coming up the road.  A group of pipers fully kitted out in splendid kilts and all led what must have been all the graduates of Dunedin University of this year, plus the staff. Billowing robes and sashes, flags, beaming students and proud parents running hither and thither with their cameras filed past.  It felt as if the entire town, including us, was out celebrating with the successful students. What a blast! Where else but in Dunedin!


2014-12-17 - Four Eggs 2 2014-12-17 - Four Eggs


Fried eggs for breakfast. The unique thing was not the bit of chili and butter in the pan but that the eggs were from top to bottom: bought brown hens egg , pure white egg, laid by my Ancona hen, egg laid by my guinea fowl hen and a pretty speckled egg laid by my quail hen.  In the pan the pale yellow is the bought egg and the middle egg beside it is the guinea fowl egg. The latter took a bit longer to cook than the others. Very tasty treat. Yolk color is more often than not an indication of quality of the feed consumed and the general well being of the bird.