Science and Beeswax

2014-04-30 19.12.48

My fascination with beeswax is ongoing. After covering all the wooden furniture and ornaments (african carvings, bowls etc) in my beeswax polish, and causing my household to flee if they spot a pot of beeswax skin cream in my hand, I decided to get more information.  I need the information in order to convince my science educated and orientated family that applying my ointment is beneficial, since I made quite a lot of it and do not want to waste any.

I gave the pseudo sciences a miss, avoided the advertising blurbs of the alternative crowd and went straight to any scientific publication I could find. The result of my search was inconclusive and disappointing to say the least. Does it cure cancer, heal burns , fight bacteria, line the stomach and so on, as I had hoped?  The short answer is that nobody knows. Some real research has been done but not enough of it to prove or disprove anything.

Anyway my furniture looks nice and my skin is looking and  feeling good.  Twenty days on and no sign of the blotchiness and rash that I get from all the commercial moisturisers.  My mix is not as creamy and long lasting on the skin  as the commercial products, but being able to apply moisturiser over my entire face twice a day instead of once every two days or so in a few less sensitive areas means a lot to me

There is a whiff of olive oil and honey on everything including me. Perhaps if I add garlic to the mix – garlic has medicinal properties, doesn’t it? I shall read up on that! 😉