Science and Beeswax

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My fascination with beeswax is ongoing. After covering all the wooden furniture and ornaments (african carvings, bowls etc) in my beeswax polish, and causing my household to flee if they spot a pot of beeswax skin cream in my hand, I decided to get more information.  I need the information in order to convince my science educated and orientated family that applying my ointment is beneficial, since I made quite a lot of it and do not want to waste any.

I gave the pseudo sciences a miss, avoided the advertising blurbs of the alternative crowd and went straight to any scientific publication I could find. The result of my search was inconclusive and disappointing to say the least. Does it cure cancer, heal burns , fight bacteria, line the stomach and so on, as I had hoped?  The short answer is that nobody knows. Some real research has been done but not enough of it to prove or disprove anything.

Anyway my furniture looks nice and my skin is looking and  feeling good.  Twenty days on and no sign of the blotchiness and rash that I get from all the commercial moisturisers.  My mix is not as creamy and long lasting on the skin  as the commercial products, but being able to apply moisturiser over my entire face twice a day instead of once every two days or so in a few less sensitive areas means a lot to me

There is a whiff of olive oil and honey on everything including me. Perhaps if I add garlic to the mix – garlic has medicinal properties, doesn’t it? I shall read up on that! 😉


Beeswax Furniture Polish and Mum’s Table

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About 30 years ago my mother made me a coffee table. It turned out to be magnificent and was to be one of several made by her. It had later traveled to Australia (I packed it personally), it moved about to several rental properties before we bought a house, and then it survived another voyage to New Zealand. It is rather fragile and it is a miracle that it survived all the moves. It has also been used as a play surface by the grand kids, one who learnt to walk by holding on and going round and round. The baby also produces copious amounts of drool since he is teething and manages to drool under the glass top (another miracle), staining the wooden rim. It was looking a bit neglected. I wanted op restore it to its former natural glow but I hate varnish and oils would change the colour so left it alone for years and years. Last week I made some beeswax polish and tested it on a small part of the table – I was delighted with the result. I applied the polish with a dishcloth and buffed it up as I went along and the table looks wonderful. The pictures show the table without the glass top. Another good thing was that the table smelled good and I did not have to have to clean the wax from my hands since it is the same as the cream I put on my face.

My mother was /is an artist and in her nineties now. She went from painting to sculpting, in wood eventually, ending up making bedsteads, doors , tables and huge full length mirrors in wood. The designs were her own and as a child I remember admiring her  doodles which covered every bit of paper, the phone book, napkins, every thing that was at hand. This table reminds me of those doodles, always full of curves and swirls and flowers and as I polished, I enjoyed tracing the forms with my cloth and fingers, a three dimensional doodle, almost, a wonderful gift from  my mother.

PS – As you can see by the writing style, this was written by Mrs Back Yard Farmer

Beeswax Face Cream and Furniture Polish

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The face cream and the furniture polish have the same basic recipe. I quite like the thought of that! I did add vitamin E oil to the face cream and broke some lavender flowers in to the polish though.

The jury is still out regarding the moisturiser – some people in the family are allergic to all store bought creams and break out in rashes, pimples and is some cases small weeping sores from them – and it takes about 2 weeks of consistent use before the problems start.  The product feels lovely on the skin and I, for one, ( no allergies) shall be using it during the winter on hands, feet, face and especially lips while working outdoors in the cold.

The furniture polish worked very well on my wood wardrobes, and one can use it for dining tables and all wood food prep surfaces since it does not contain any toxins.

Face Cream and Furniture Polish

1 part beeswax. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on honey combs you can clarify your own wax or you can buy some from beeswax suppliers.

3 or 4 parts olive oil  depending on how soft you want the end product


Create a double boiler from two pots, the bottom one with water and a small spacer, I used a saucer, place the beeswax and olive oil in the top pot and heat.  When clear and melted remove from the heat and add vitamin E oil or lavender flowers. Pour in to containers while hot and stir while cooling.

Apply the mix containing the vitamin E oil to your skin and the lavender scented mix to the furniture 😉