Rearing Baby Quails

Yes you can put the quail eggs under the hen – just remember they start flying at two weeks of age when you will have to have them in an enclosure to prevent them from taking off and never return. If you have an incubator, that is good, but I would say the hen is better. They take 17 days to hatch and do require a heat lamp for the first three weeks if they do not have a Mamma. Keep them out of drafts, but with good ventilation, keep them dry and keep them warm. Feed and water available at all times. I think the only person in New Zealand that sells Quail Food on a small scale is myself. Feeding the babies require a Commercial Poultry Starter Mash or preferably a Commercial Quail Starter Mash to which you mix two boiled eggs per 500 g of feed for the first three weeks, thereafter just Quail Starter Mash until six weeks of age when they get a Commercial Quail Laying Mash. They do not require anything else, but you are welcome to give them table scraps and treats (eg. meal worms) if you like
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