Egg Storage Position before Incubation

2014-04-19 - Quail Eggs StorageSmall End Up Storage
Eggs are normally stored in the large end up position. In this position, the embryo is located
beneath the air cell. After oviposition, the egg loses water and the air cell increases. It is
hypothesized that the embryo has a higher chance to dehydrate or to stick to the internal
eggshell membrane when the egg is stored in the large end up position rather than in the small
end up position.

Research has shown that when eggs are stored longer than 7 days, the decline in hatchability
can be reduced by 15% when eggs are stored in the small end up position instead of the large
end up position. This is due to a reduction in early and late embryonic mortality. The positive
effect on hatchability depends on several factors such as breeder flock age, storage conditions,
quality of the egg components, and embryo viability.