It is now your opportunity to share in this development of purebred TIBETAN QUAIL BREEDING GROUPS  or  TIBETAN HATCHING EGGS.

I also breed Golden Italian, Faroah and White Coturnix Quail Eggs and Breeding Groups

These birds are small, dark plumed and very spirited. The Tibetan Quail is both good for meat and egg production and is slightly smaller in size than the other strains. The temperament is aggressive and it is a strong and fast flying Quail. For these reasons, Tibetans are often bred and released for hunting.

At present there are a few true breeding mutations of the Coturnix Quail, of which the TIBETAN is one.  It is my intention to keep this strain pure and not mix it with other strains such as the Golden Italian, English White, and Faroahs (Wild Coloured Quail) all which I also breed.  Each of these strains has specific characteristics such as plumage, conformation and size, temperament, egg and meat production ability, etc. These characteristics I intend to maintain and develop for each strain within the limitations provided by the limited genetic material available. Careful responsible breeding and strenuous selection would result in birds with as low an inbreeding co-efficient as possible and hopefully a more disease resistant, highly fertile, healthy, happy, beautiful and productive quail at the end of the day.

With the project in its infancy it is not possible to guarantee 100 % true colouring from eggs. At present I am using both Tibetans and Tuxedos to breed this strain and since the Dark Colour is Dominant and Tuxedo is recessive, I hopefully will soon have pure dark Tibetans only. Tuxedos is not a breeding mutation, but a cross between a Tibetan and White Quails in any way. 2013-10-24 - Tibetan Coturnix 21 2013-10-24 - Tibetan Coturnix 14 2013-10-24 - Tibetan Coturnix 10 2013-10-24 - Tibetan Coturnix 3 2013-10-24 - Tibetan Coturnix 2