Ginger or Wheat Beer

2013-11-17 - Ginger and Wheat Beer

Ginger Beer

During summer months I always have a bottle of ginger and another of wheat beer brewing. There is nothing better than  relaxing under the apple tree with a glass of cold Home Made Ginger Beer, after a long day in the vegetable garden. 

Take 1 Kg of whole wheat and soak it in water for three days. Discard water and ad 250 g of raw sugar, 1500 ml water, 20 g dry yeast, 200 g crushed sultanas and 200 g finely cut whole fresh ginger to the wheat and put it in a glass container with a lid that can release the gas if the pressure becomes too much. Let it stand in a warm place in the kitchen. After two days, drain the water (ginger beer) through a cheesecloth  and ad 250 g raw sugar, 1500 ml water and a teaspoon of dry ginger powder to the remaining solids and replace lid – this last step can be repeated every two days for several months. Ginger Beer will not be nice for the first few times, and may have to be discarded, but become delicious soon after. When the temperature is warmer, the process can be sped up by changing water more frequently and vice versa. Beer should rest for 12 hours after draining, before drinking.

Wheat Beer

The same as above, but leave out the sultanas, fresh ginger and dried ginger powder