Inside the mind of a Quail


I am a minimalist and like to use whatever is on hand, but won’t compromise on efficiency and quality of the end product. Plastic is definitely not my favorite material, but in today’s life you cannot avoid it, so why not use it and save it from landing in the garbage bin and become part of the world wastage problem.  I use an old plastic milk and peanut butter bottle to make a very effective quail water drinker FOR FREE and in the process drastically reduced my carbon footprint.

Knowing quail babies love to climb on and into everything and during the first few days are very clumsy and petite,  I used this knowledge to make a quail water drinker that encourages the little quails in the beginning to climb into the drinker to make water consumption easy, without being able to drown, get wet  or get stuck in a corner. When they are a few weeks old and know their way around the brooder and eat and drink freely, I switch to a drinker that they cannot get into and spoil or soil the water.

2014-01-06 - Juvinlile Water Feeder 1

Use a milk bottle and cut a large enough hole into both sides so the baby quails can freely enter and exit. Place a piece of wire netting (leftover from the last cage you built) inside to fit well with the sides turned slightly down so the netting is about 5 mm off the bottom of the bottle. Fill with water until the water touches the netting and you are ready. Cut the top off the milk bottle to make cleaning easy.

2014-01-06 - Juvinlile Water Feeder 2

This will encourage the little quails to enter without any risk of drowning or getting wet.

2014-01-06 - Juvinlile Water Feeder 3

Drinking made easy

When the quails are about two weeks old, I switch to adult Drinkers

2014-01-06 - Adult Water Feeder 1

Take used Milk and Peanut Butter Bottles. Any other bottle will work as long as it fits tightly inside the milk bottle. Cut off the top of the milk bottle. Cut a oval hole in the side small enough so a quail cannot enter it’s body, but large enough it can poke it’s head through – about a 30 mm opening and about 50 mm off the bottom.

2014-01-06 - Adult Water Feeder 2

Now drill four holes (opposite side) into the peanut butter bottle

2014-01-06 - Adult Water Feeder 3

The hole in the peanut butter bottle must be lower than the bottom edge of the hole in the milk bottle

2014-01-06 - Adult Water Feeder 4

Fill the Peanut bottle with water replace the lid and turn upside down and insert into the milk bottle.

2014-01-06 - Adult Water Feeder 5

Here you have 1 Liter of water that the quails cannot soil, but have easy access to

2014-01-06 - Adult Water Feeder 6

Happy Quails and Happy Farmer !!