Honey Muesli Recipe

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A breakfast of home made yogurt (see the recipe under Home Cooking on my blog), home made muesli and fresh fruit – in this case more PLUMS! You can add any fruit, of course, and sometimes I add a touch of jam. For healthy tasty muesli far superior to the most expensive product on the shelf try my recipe. The ingredients are what I normally have in my larder, and you can substitute whatever nuts and seeds you have on hand. The coconut, honey, oats and sultanas are essential:

Honey Meusli

1kg      Full Grain rolled oats

300g    (more or less ) Shredded Coconut (not the fine stuff that looks like dandruff)

200g   Honey

200g    Sultanas

250g    Nuts (I use Almonds roasted, Cashews and Peanuts mixed. Only Almonds would be nice but that makes things expensive)

250G   Mixed  Seeds (Sunflower seeds, Pine Nuts, Linseed, Poppy seeds or whatever you prefer)

First spread the oats out in a large baking tray. Toast the oats under the grill, stirring frequently until mostly golden, you will not get an even colour but that is ok. Add a layer of nuts and seeds to the tray of oats and toast until they colour slightly. Mix well and add a layer of coconut. Toast the coconut until just golden, watch out it burns quickly. Tip the pan in to a large mixing bowl and mix the sultanas and honey in to the hot muesli. Stir regularly while the muesli cools down to prevent everything from sticking together. When cold put in to air tight containers. This lasts me about 3 weeks.