Carrot Top Pesto tried, tasted, and will make again and again

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 Carrot Top Pesto (Seriously Tasty)

I still love Basil Pesto but carrot tops will never be composted in my house again. Basil is hard to grow in Dunedin and costs a mint to buy. Carrot tops come FREE with your carrots and taste just as good as Basil. With our  zero waste policy we do have a problem scraping together enough kitchen scraps for the chickens and quails. ( They do have a few hours of free range a day, when I can guard my veg patch, so they are doing well). Rocket works equally well to replace either basil or carrot tops.

1      Bunch of carrot tops, washed. You can separate the leaves from the stems, but I processed the entire bunch

2       Large  garlic cloves

1/4    Cup grated parmigiano cheese

3/4    Cup of good Extra Virgin olive oil

3       Tablespoons of nuts (pine nuts, cashews, macadamia,  sunflower seeds all work well)

Salt and pepper to taste. (I do not use salt in pesto because the cheese is salty enough for me).

Put everything except the cheese in the food processor or blender and process. Do not make it into slush – keep a fine texture. You may need more olive oil to complete the job. Mix in the cheese and pulse a few more times.

Serve on fresh or toasted bread, dab on to meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes, use as dip for carrots and other fresh veg, salad dressing, and of course as a pasta sauce. 

You will notice that I did not give exact quantities, as these would depend on what you want to achieve – more garlic, basil, cheese, etc.


9 thoughts on “Carrot Top Pesto tried, tasted, and will make again and again

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  2. Carrot top pesto!!! Super excited about this! It always makes me sad the amount of greenness that grows atop a carrot that I throw away (compost) but until a couple of weeks ago (when I came across another blog) it never occurred to me that I could eat them! And I eat everything. (I once tasted a sugar body scrub to see if it was sugar. It was, but very soapy sugar. Not nice. Not something I’ll be repeating.) Why did I never try carrot tops before?! It’s on the to-do list : )

  3. So glad to find this! My carrot tops are amazing this year…can’t say much for the orange bit but now I don’t have to hurl the tops furiously onto the compost heap complete with wizened sad little roots and I can make this lovely creation to feast on their green fecundity :). Cheers for the excellent share. Found your wonderful blog through “Quarter Acre Lifestyle” sharing your free biga starter post but as I live in Tasmania I won’t bother asking you for some, I will make my own from your recipe. I don’t actually “follow” blogs, I stuff them into my RSS Feed Reader so that my email account is free of posts. I follow almost 300 blogs so you can only begin to imagine what it looked like prior to me discovering RSS Feed Readers ;). Cheers for the excellent blog and here’s to mutual cross Tasman (or whatever the sea is between us…Geography was NEVER my strong subject…) cultural learning swapsies 🙂

      • So do I. Nothing like a good share to spread the love around. I found you through Wendy’s (A Quarter Acre Block) repost and really love your blog. I especially loved the recent post where your chooks were divvying up your newly planted vegetable garden. I just spent ages watering the mulched garden under our deck so that it might have a chance to survive the coming week of high temperatures (I am in Tasmania) and as I was walking back from watering the veggie garden I saw the whole flock (we have a lot…most of them turning feral) scratching all of the mulch up to get to the damp soil…sigh…and I am vegan and don’t even eat eggs! Why on EARTH do we do it? 😉

    • I have heard and read a lot about Tassie. When I lived in Australia I always intended to visit it but with far flung family accross the globe and none in Tasmania I never got there.
      Thanks for your appreciation!

      • You lived in Australia? I come from Western Australia and we moved here when given the opportunity by my ailing dad to live in one of his rental houses here rent free. It was a sort of seachange and when dad died and left us Serendipity Farm it was a whole new ballpark. I guess when you have something like that handed to you, you don’t ask questions, you just give thanks…a whole LOT of thanks :). We are thankful every day that we have this life. County life is the bomb 🙂

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