The Stadium Markets, Dunedin every Sunday

The Stadium Markets, Dunedin every Sunday

I go to the markets every Sunday to sell Quail Eggs and other Quail Products, have a laugh and a chat to fellow stallholders and meet friendly Dunedinites. I love the people and the products, mostly grown, cooked or made by the stall holders, with other interesting stuff in between. I intend blogging about what I have seen on the markets.  So, hopefully you will be able to read all about it here next week.

This week I sold out of my Quail eggs early during the day but do not intend selling out again!  I also got a large container of ripe, luscious cherries from Michael and Glenys Roche of COAL CREEK GARDENS, a farmer/stallholder,  which I carted home and spent the best part of afternoon and night sorting and preserving. The biggest and best that did not get gobbled up I preserved  in cognac, some are now fermenting to distill Grappa from at a later stage and the rest I am making into jams. I like all things lemony and added some lemon peel and juice to a batch of cherry and a batch of blueberry jam, the rest I made in the traditional way.  If I add the apricot jam I made last week and the plum jam of the week before I nearly have enough jams to last until next season, with some spare to give away and also taking into consideration that the apple  and tomato seasons are still to come. I make the most wonderful Tomato, Basil and Chili Jam!

Another stallholder, THE NAKED SCOTSMAN by Sandy Stoddard who claims to make Otago’s Cheekiest Preserves (I do agree with him on that), asked me to bring in some quail eggs next week as he would like to try and include pickled quail eggs into his range of wonderful products. I cannot wait to see how his trial with this is going to pan out.

A picture of my jam making operation, with the espresso pot on standby to keep me awake.

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  1. Lubbly jubbly! I love a good preserving session. I tend to wait until it is just on autumn so that my 4 oven wood burning behmoth of a stove (Brunhilda) is going 24/7 and then I can preserve my heart out on the free heat on the stovetop. I love the sound of your tomato jam. Will you be sharing the recipe? I live 50km out of Launceston city (Tasmania) and wish I could get in to farmers markets more. I love them. Might just have to start our own out here! Are you allowed to make grappa in N.Z.? It is illegal to distil spirits here 😦

      • We inherited the place from my dad when he died and we were left a little bit of money and after “paper, rock, scissoring” Steve (I won 😉 ) I got to buy the woodburning stove with the hot water jacket. She has paid for herself over and over again. We wouldn’t be without her atomosphere, her delicious heat, her constant cooking surface and the ability to warm jocks in her on a cold winters morning when you don’t have a drier…now THAT was worth the purchase price alone! ;). You are welcome. I am a prolific commenter… hope you don’t mind ;). Oh…and do you mind me posting some of your posts to Pinterest? If so, I won’t 🙂

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