At the Stadium Markets in Dunedin every Sunday

We had a lovely sunny day in Dunedin and many residents went to the beach – I went myself and there were more people than I had ever seen on the beach.

Those that came to the market would have found fantastic apricots that actually had ripened on the tree also sweet black plums, cherries and peaches. All of these and vegetables were on offer for very reasonable prices and were locally grown and fresh.  Nothing that sat in supermarket warehouses for years!

Flagstaff Alpacas had a stand beside mine and had a well deserved late windfall. A few tourists arrived just before everyone started to pack up and bought virtually his entire stock of lovely knitwear, yarns, fleece, duvets and toys.  The stall owners farm the Alpacas, and produce all their unique articles in their own mill locally in Milton.  They also have farm stay facilities. In my opinion more enterprises of this type will really put Dunedin on the tourist map. Their website is worth a look :

More news next Monday