The market was held in a side section of the stadium as there was a basketball tournament going in the regular venue. Even though the site was fine, and fortunately no rain for those vendors who set up stalls in the open, the wind was howling and it felt like standing in a wind tunnel all the time. Attendance was reasonable considering the weather and my QUAIL EGGS sold out for the third week in a row. I have decided to increase stock holding a bit from next week on wards. I have also started to sell our North East Valley fresh honey and the reception from the public was positive – I expect them all to be back for more after tasting the REAL FRESH HONEY.

The stalls that did really well were those that sold food. The young basketballers were famished and queued up for food and from what I saw the  bacon sandwiches looked great.

The stalls that caught my attention today were selling SPORTING BADGES and MANUKA SMOKED EGGS

2014-02-16 - Sporting Badge 1 2014-02-16 - Sporting Badge 2 2014-02-16 - Sporting Badge 3


Nick Horn and I were talking about the possibilities of hunting around Dunedin. Responsible harvesting  can protect the natural ecosystems of New ZealAnd, and  could augment the diet of people who practice sustainable living. The Department of Conservation provides information to hunters and fishermen as to where and when to hunt what. The hunters normally harvest ducks, venison, pigs and rabbits.  Nick celebrates the outdoor lifestyle of New Zealand  by selling interesting,  quality, English Pewter Hunting badges, key rings, earrings and brooches, sculptured and cast by craftsmen. They have fine detail and can be worn  pride .  The range represents the outdoor pursuits. Various Deer, Pig, Gun and Fishing badges are available to buy and collect.

I am trying to convince him to stock Quail, Chicken, Rabbit and Duck badges so we have something to wear when we show or market our pride birds and animals!

Nick’s contact details are : Tel – 0221903121  www.sportingbadges.co.nz  sportingbadges@slingshot.co.nz



2014-02-16 - Manuka Eggs

MANUKA EGGS produce and sell the very delicious Manuka smoked eggs. Neville and Rachel normally sell their product to upmarket restaurants and Dunedinites are lucky to be able to buy theses delicacies on Sundays at the Stadium Markets. I would say that these eggs  on their own is enough reason to pay the Stadium Market in Dunedin a visit this Sunday

Their contact details are : Tel – 03 485 9660  www.nzmanukaeggs.co.nz

There are many more stalls to talk about, so see next Monday’s post and look up other stalls I have discussed  under the Seen and Done category of my blog – http://www.backyardfarmer.co.nz.


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  2. Looks like you are onto a winner with your quail eggs and honey and smoked eggs? I can see I am going to have to do a bit of research now! 🙂

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