Cheesy Breads and Panini using Yeast

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After a day of no bread in the house I had to provide bread by breakfast time or face a riot  in the kitchen.  To appease everyone I made Cheesy Buns, Panini, Pane di Casa and Foccacia.

I love baking with Biga and it remains my first preference.  Sometimes I have very little time for baking and  because I would rather go without than buy commercial bread, yeast is a fast option. The yeast product is lighter and softer whereas the Biga products are denser and a bit heavier and chewier.  There is no difference in the speed with which both types of breads are devoured by my household!

Cheesy Buns with Yeast

Mix 10 g Sugar and 10 g Dry Yeast with a little temperate water, wisk occasionally and let stand until frothy. This should take only a few minutes.

Mix 500 g Flour, 10 g Salt, 30 ml Olive Oil and the Yeast mix with 320 ml temperate water (taking into consideration the water already used for the yeast mix). Mix and knead well. This will give you a soft dough which should be of a consistency that just clings to your hands when kneading (makes it difficult to knead well). Place it in a warm place until double in size. I use my dehydrator / drier and set it at 38 C for about half an hour. Now mix in 100 g grated Cheese of your choice – I use a sharp Cheddar – and mix well. Divide into 24 equal balls and place in two well buttered muffin / cup cake pans and dust liberally with flour. Leave to rise again – mine goes back into the dehydrator.  Be careful not to over proof these two breads at the second rising, as it will collapse when put into the oven.  Start baking while bread is still rising strongly, even before it has reached the desired size. Bake in the oven at 220 C for 15 minutes.


Exactly the same as above, but exclude the cheese and size and form the Panini the way you like. Bake in a well buttered oven pan.