Dunedin Botanical Gardens: The Herb Garden



We live close enough to include the Gardens in our regular walks. In the beginning we spent time in the herb garden to see what grows well in this climate and what does not so we could plan our own garden. Today went to see the garden in full flower, and spent a very happy time sniffing and nibbling at a leaf or two and marveling at how beautiful a herb garden can be. The light was very subdued, a typically cloudy but warm summers day, with some mist on the tops of the hills, not ideal for taking pictures

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 Congratulations to the gardeners 

One thought on “Dunedin Botanical Gardens: The Herb Garden

  1. Congratulations indeed…how beautiful! We can’t grow many herbs here (aside from the very strong flavoured ones like oregano) as the native wildlife tends to plunder all but the most bitter flavoured vegetation (although they did eat all of my globe artichokes so go figure! 😉 ). Maybe I could build one of those stone spiral gardens inside my fully enclosed veggie garden just for herbs? Great idea! Cheers for this lovely inspiring post 🙂

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