At the Stadium Markets every Sunday

The markets ended early on Sunday due to a sporting event. Sales in Quail eggs were brisk and I sold out again – may have to squeeze those quail hens a bit next week ;-). There was little incentive for the  stall holders who came to the Markets considering the limited trading time, but many of the regulars  did turn up. Visitors could still buy great late season apricots, peaches and plums produced by the vendor, fresh potatoes trucked in by the farmer, cheese, soaps, badges and more at great prices. The food vendors were in place and were trading well.

2014-02-23 16.14.24


Some of the lovely apricots I brought home




One of the regular stalls sell beautiful soaps made in Dunedin. Zingani have a range of skincare products as well.  Being a foodie and always keen to eat,  I at first thought they were selling something that looked really delicious!  Now I have looked at some of their ingredients, Olive oil, Sustainable Organic Columbian Palm oil, Coconut oil, Water,   Cocoa Butter, I am still tempted to have a nibble ;-).  This local manufacturer is worth a visit at  the markets  – have a look at their website – and support them! 


Ylang ylang

I did not have time to go around the stalls I wanted to talk about but promise to do better next week

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  1. I adore fresh apricots. There is something about that intensely sweet pure orange flavour that screams “summer!” to me and they are available for such a short time that they are special :). I love this little market day special post. I also love that you sell out of your quails eggs. A market sellers dream! 🙂

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