Seen and Heard at the Stadium Markets (Every Sunday)

As usual, I was on my spot with my honey, quail and quail eggs. As usual I sold out early, even though I took along a few dozen more than last week. The baby quail got a lot of attention especially from the kids – they become very tame and make great pets when treated gently and with care.  I have had requests for my quail food specially formulated for layers and growers, and Diatomaceous Earth and will take a few bags along next week.

2014-02-16 - Hand with Eggs 12014-03-02 21.39.06

A stall I have been meaning to write about is Dunback Spuds.  I was impressed to find that the family plants, harvests and sells all their own produce. Katrina is the best promoter of her product and says ”  We grow them at Dunback, next to the Shag River (just been named NZ’s cleanest river), with no sprays and plenty of blimmin weeds.  Boy do we have some fights with the buggers when they get caught up in the digger.  We supply the market in Ranfurly and the wider Maniototo via Foleys Butchery in Ranfurly (Graham has a wee goldmine of things other than lovely fresh meat), and we supply the North Star and Brydone Hotels in Oamaru, as well as attending the Palmerston Farmers Market on Fridays and the Sunday Stadium Market in Dunedin.  Red Rascals have a lovely sweet flavour, and are excellent “new” potatoes early in the season and as winter plods along they make a great potato salad.  Agria make the best darned baked spud I’ve ever tasted, amazing oven chips and brilliant mash. Yum.”  They are at the market regularly and deserve to be supported.

2014-03-02 13.09.48

The food stalls did well today and I think the rest of the stall holders had more customers eyeing their wares than usual.  The market does require more vendors though.