Seen and Heard at the Dunedin Stadium Markets (Every Sunday)

2014-03-14 - Quil Pet House2014-03-17 12.00.562013-10-24 - Italian Coturnix 19

It was a very quiet day for the stall holders at the markets on Sunday. The weather kept Dunedinites indoors and many vendors were unhappy by the end of the day.  Most of the people who were  around had attended the rugby match the evening before and came in for a quick feed before leaving for home and the food vendors did brisk business for a while.

I took along my new pet quail house that is for sale with one quail inside who embarrassed me by behaving like the juvenile delinquent he is. Promoting quails as pets and egg producers in small back yards is something I feel strongly about. Most urban gardeners have the vegetable part of their diet covered but need to add protein –  quails are ideal for this, producing an egg a day. I also took my usual quail eggs packaged by the dozen.  Should you need more information about quails and the Pet Quail House go to my blog,

2014-03-16 19.14.35

The fruit farmer had lovely large quinces as promised for a very good price, and he will be picking quinces for a few weeks from now on. He also brought fresh corn that he had picked the night before, sweet red plums. I could not resist and brought a lot of things home.

2014-03-16 12.59.04

Because it was quieter today I could wander around a bit and have a look at the local artists who work on site. Suzanne Emslie from SOFT CURVES sculpts her lovely stone figures at the markets every week. Have a look at her facebook page and her phone number is 027 739 6531

2014-03-16 13.09.40


Another interesting local artist is Tony Rowe with his colourful stencil art. Everything is priced at $10 so if you want to pick up a fun, original artwork as a gift or for yourself, this is a must see.

There are many more stalls to talk about next week!