Potential Beekeeper’s Lament

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Learning about bees wearing the most fetching bee suit ever! A beekeeper friend lent the suit to a grandchild so he could spend a day with him and his bees. Sadly, I think that I do not have the space for a hive in my garden, so I shall keep wishing and planning. In the meantime I will enjoy all the bumblebees and honeybees that visit my garden from elsewhere.

6 thoughts on “Potential Beekeeper’s Lament

  1. Have been on and off thinking about keeping bees for a while now. Not so much for the honey, but more for the pollination side. We have an apiarist at the rear of the property and his bees spend most of their days tackling our huge pumpkin population. I am hoping that pumpkin honey is delicious or we might get sued! 😉

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