Autumn Harvest

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I will be cooking for the kids today. Fortunately the garden has delivered all the favorites – broccolini, small zucchini, one teeny artichoke ( next year will be bigger and better) and pumpkin flowers. Two flowers will be stuffed with ricotta for the grownups and the rest crispy fried in flour and water batter. Broccoli probably just steamed and Zucchini in a little butter and sage.  Add leftover lamb and I should have a winner. Should, because one never knows with small kids, what they loved yesterday could horrify them today!

5 thoughts on “Autumn Harvest

  1. That sounds delicious which means 2 of my 3 kids will be either for it or against it. The 3rd child will be te dead opposite of the other 2 of course. One loves raw purple broccoli picked and eaten in the garden, the littlest refused all manner of veggies last year but is eating turnips et al from the bowl this year. The purple loving daughter point blank refused te purple broccoli so go figure.

    • Having raised a few of my own and now very close to the four grandchildren, I have stopped trying to understand the little ones – just go with the flow. I have a little grandson of one who loves my espresso coffee (strong, black and no sugar), the other eats black pepper like lollies. I always say that when they reach 21 years of age, they would not do it any more.

  2. I have to agree with you on this one and it isn’t just food that small kids can veer alarmingly from. Our friends little girl HATED Steve. He is usually the first one that kids, animals and elderly ladies gravitate towards but this little girl screamed whenever he came into the room let alone went anywhere near her. He got used to waiting in the car so as not to cause a fuss. The last time we saw her she ran up to him and told him that “I love you Steve” and proceeded to tell him all about her entire life including how she would share her Peppa Pigs with him. You just NEVER can tell where small kids minds are at, at any given time 😉

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