Wonderful Beaches in Otago

2013-08-31 15.25.16

We have fabulous beaches within 20 traffic free minutes of our house. We try to make good use of every  lovely day.  A fresh baked  foccaccia and some coffee for lunch and went to the beach. Usually we have the whole thing to ourselves – clear blue water, clear pollution free skies, clean sand, champagne quality air to breathe – another day in paradise! ( I have to rave now before winter sets in 😉 )

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Beaches in Otago

  1. Rave away, at least you have “beaches” we have depositories for pebbles here in Norther Tasmania. I come from Western Australia where the beaches are HUGE and pure white with endless stretches of sand. You can walk for miles without seeing anyone. I guess the flip side is that you don’t get sand in your bathers here because a/ the pebbles and b/ no-one in their right MIND would swim in the Tamar River 😉

    • I do not know Western Australia well, but I take it you can swim there as well, which is not the case in Dunedin, unless you are a polar bear. Never been to Tasmania, but I understand it to be beautiful – Send a few photographs!

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