Hereditary Wry Neck in Coturnix coturnix

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I have been breeding six different breeds of Coturnix in New Zealand over the past 12 months and with my scientific background, recordkeeping is one of my passions. I am of the opinion that Wry Neck is hereditary in Coturnix coturnix as I have a ten times larger occurences in my Tuxedo breed than any of the other five breeds. The incidence of Wry Neck in the my breeds are as follows  –   Tuxedo – 3.2 % : Goolden Italians – 0.0% : Whites – 0.1% : Tibetans – o.9% : Pharoah – 0.3% and Rosettas 0.0%. These figures were collected from at least 200 birds for each breed, except for the Rosettas where information is for 38 birds only. The other interesting fact is that after just four generations of heavy culling against defective traits, the wry neck occurance has declined in the Tuxedo breed from over 6 % to less than 2 % in the last batches. The decline is not statisticayl significant even though definate, but the diffference beteen breeds is.

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