2014-05-14 - Brie

I did some Bacteria and Mould ripened cheese today – Brie. This is one of my favorites, but is not easy to make. Heat 10 Litres of full cream Jersey milk to 30 C and ad your mother Flora Danica starter. Stir very well and let ripen for 15 minutes. While keeping the milk at 30 C add the 4 ml Rennet diluted in 50 ml distilled water. Stir with a up and down motion for one minute, then top stir for another minute. Leave it undisturbed for 3 hours while keeping the temperature at 30C.  All cheeses using little Rennet may be problematic, but trial and error is the only solution. By now the curds should have formed. Cut the curds in 12 mm cubes. The moulds to use for Brie are open on both sides, as to facilitate easy turning over. Fill the moulds and leave to draqin for 12 hours at about 20C (Room temperature). With a board on top and one at the bottom, flip the cheese over and let drain. The cheese should not break in this process. Repeat this flipping over every four hours for at least five times and let it drain all the time. Once the cheese is dry enough, approximately one day after filling the moulds, take it out of the mould and lay on a clean cloth. Now rub the top and sides with salt. After two hours, flip the cheese over again and rub the other side with salt. Let is rest for one hour and spray the white mould on all sides and store at 15 C for one week or until the white mould appears. Now store for 3 months at 13 C and 85 % humidity. The cheese should now be soft inside when pressed, slightly brownish on the surface and creamy and buttery when eaten.  If the cheese is cut before it is matures, it will not mature. A pure white coloured cheese has not matured yet and needs to be stored longer. ENJOY!!  Off coarse I made Ricotta with the Whey


5 thoughts on “BRIE

  1. I adore brie. I think it would have to be my favourite cheese with Camembert coming in a close second. Gorgeous stuff and you can make it yourself? Does that mean that “I'” could potentially make it myself?!!! I think I need to have a little lie down now…

      • Because if you have to earn it, it makes it taste SO much sweeter. Brie is a case in point. The stuff that heaven is made of (I am assured) and twice as tasty but an absolute bugger to master. I bow to your cheese mastery and can only mentally indulge myself now in that heady cheesy goodness. You appear to have set yourself and your family up with cheesy delights for the foreseeable future. Kudos! 🙂

          • I think the joys of being Italian are probably the best part of it all. I think I was an Italian in my past life ;). Lots of food, wine, loud and animated conversation and passionate hearts worn on sleeves…what’s not to like? (Lets not talk about the bad tempers or the Mafia 😉 )

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