5 thoughts on “Delinquents in the Backyard

  1. I am starting to wish that our roosters WOULD run for the road! We have too many of them and they have come to “fruition” all at once. Our neighbour is threatening to shoot US let alone the roosters and aside from the raping and pillaging that they seem to do so well they are very stupid vain creatures. One of them decided that he would visit the dog compound around the house perimeter (our American Staffy boys don’t have free rein of Serendipity Farm) and Earl quickly taught him a lesson that he will NEVER forget…one rooster sans pants (tail feathers) in the cold weather hightailing it off the 3 metre high deck while I held Earl at bay (I stole his new toy 😉 ) wasn’t my idea of a fun morning 😉

    • We had ordinary Stafffies all our lives and reared the boys with them as house dogs. They are lovely and very good with kids – the Americans are a bit aggressive, aren’t they? When we moved to NZ< unfortunately we decided to not have dogs any more, as we move around too much – miss them though. The rooster problem I solve very easily with a good recipe for "Pollo alla Cacciatora"

      • No, the media has a LOT to answer for regarding American Staffies and pitbulls. No dog is any better or any worse than any other dog, the owner has more to do with how a dog behaves than the dog. Pitbulls are dogs that unfortunately tend to be owned by owners that should have to suffer the same fate that they have given their dogs…ultimate shame and fear and distrust. Our boys are the most loving dogs I know and the only thing that Earl has a problem with is cats and chooks. I think this Sunday is just about to be mass “Pollo alla Cacciatora” day for Serendipity Farm. Most probably about 10 roosters are going to bite the dust so there will be Pollo alla cacciatora for all! 😉

        • Very true about Staffies. When our kids were small and they came to us complaining that the dog bit them, we gave them a hiding, knowing they were the guilty party. Let me know how was the Cacciatora

          • I most certainly will as we just nobbled 4 of the roosters (about 5 to go) and after processing them their meat looked pretty tender. They aren’t very old, just on first crow so hopefully they will be both tasty and edible 🙂

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