3 thoughts on “How Sketchy Research Got Us All Eating Low Fat

  1. We are saturated fat kind of people. We use lard or duck fat to roast veggies (it’s a sometimes meal, not an all the time meal), and otherwise it’s olive oil at low temperatures or coconut oil. I steer clear of the other veggie oils as they can easily go rancid or are denatured by nasty processes to prevend them going rancid which makes them equally toxic. My rule of thumb is that if I can make it in my own garden (in theory if not in practice) then it’s something I consider edible.
    We aren’t perfect though as we do eat a few hot chips (cooked in veggie oils I know) but we do our best to avoid unnatural fats.
    I also try to think who is benefitting financially from the dictates to modern diet. If there is advertising about it then someone is making money which means there is a hidden agenda. It costs a lot of money to advertise after all.

  2. I am a vegan but I don’t tell other people what or how to eat. Our life choices are our own. The only issue that I have with paleo is that it tends to get siezed by people who don’t like their veggies and who want to live on meat and cream and butter exclusively. We have a friend who is lauding the paelo diet who lives on steak, butter, cream (drinks it from the carton) and any other animal product that he can scoff. The diet that paleo is supposed to be echoing would have involved feasting and subsisting. You might have gotten a feast once a week if you were lucky and for the rest of the time it was whatever you could rootle out of the ground or pick from trees that didn’t kill you. The whole thing that we modern dwellers completely miss is MODERATION! A bit of saturated fat isn’t going to kill you. A lot might. Same goes for anything. Our bodies are designed to be filters for whatever we put in. If we put a lot of anything that taxes our digestive organs we are going to end up in trouble.

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