Garden Slugs and Booze

2014-08-28 - Slug

Trying to grow vegetables has many obstacles, none being as difficult as the always  present garden slug. These sneaky little gastropods wander by night and eat the leaves and fruits of many plants.  Once you have them, it is time to take quick action as they can be devastating in a short period of time. There are as many techniques to kill slugs as there are gardeners.

Having the problem myself, I consulted with my neighbour, who is a DOC employee, and I value his opinion. He promised me that even though I see him sneaking around his garden at 7 AM  in the morning holding a bottle of beer,  he is not drinking it, but is feeding it to his slugs. He promised me that slugs are all alcoholics and love beer. I was advised to put  a plastic container with smooth sides, so they cant crawl out when drunk,  in a hole close to the plants and fill  it with cheap Kiwi beer, any Speight or Emerson would do, and the next morning you would find drowned drunken slugs by the dozen. Now, since my slugs are used to eating from the best Italian garden I argued that cheap Kiwi beer is not good enough for them and purchased some Peroni beer. Also plastic containers were not up to standard and glass was provided. After three days of feeding my slugs good beer I can come to one conclusion only – the more beer they drink, the more they eat, as I now have no Broccoli, Cabbage, Salad or Rocket left and have a lot of happy tipsy slugs.

I then remembered being a member of a Gardening group on Facebook and went researching. Soon I found a plethora of organic slug control remedies. The one I have opted for recommended blending chills, garlic and olive oil,  sprayed  on the leaves of the plants, which I duly did and will soon see what the effects on the slugs are. If these slugs have had any Italian influences in there lives, I would suspect they would compliment me on my the salad dressing, but comment on the shortage of enough salt and pepper, then continue ordering some red wine in stead of beer.

4 thoughts on “Garden Slugs and Booze

  1. It would appear I married a slug…needless to say he refuses, point blank, to donate any of his precious amber fluid to reduce slug populations but luckily, we have a single duck who manages to remove all snails, slugs and various other cephalopods from the property with ease. Got slugs? Get a duck 🙂

        • Sounds all good to me. The only recollection I have of keeping ducks is that they are very messy and continuously keep on polluting all the drink water of all the other farm animals. Is there a smallish type of duck that one can keep? I am a breeder and therefor want two, not one.

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