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  1. I hope you both had a good old fashioned meal to accompany those gorgeous blooms :). We have lots of roses thanks to us increasing the yard around the house (fencing it off) and Earl now being able to absorb it into “his” territory. Possums beware! Since Earl took over as yard defender we have roses blooming all over the place and I didn’t think we had anywhere near that many! We may just have to keep adding fences all over the place so that Earl can patrol the beat and stop the possums. Maybe I could hire him out? 😉

    • I have had possums in various quantities in various parts of the world, but they never seemed to have been much of a problem. As a matter of fat, we were feeding a couple when in Australia. They always appeared at exactly the same time at night for there treats and were quite tame after a while. One female had babies every so often and would bring them along from day one and even allowed me to put my finger into her pouch to see and feel the baby when still very small. It is just a pity that they become a nuisance by numbers. A meal is always better with some flowers on the table, even though I refuse to plant and care for any plant not edible – fortunately rose petals are very useful in the kitchen. What is Earl – Jack Russel?

      • Earl is an American Staffordshire Terrier. We live out in the bush so the possums are in much greater numbers and they are pretty destructive. They have almost stripped a willow leafed oak tree, my liquidambar is pretty much stuffed because it has sweet sap and the young leaves are eaten almost as fast as they can grow. They completely killed an apple tree and strip the other fruit trees each year. My first year of veggie gardening was “two steps forward, one step back” as they kept finding a way into my protective barriers and eating all of my vegetables. It is very disheartening when that kind of thing happens. We don’t kill them but we certainly try to stop them (and their little wallaby mates) from eating every single edible thing on the property. That is why we have had to fence off areas and fully enclose our veggie garden. The lengths that we have to go to to grow a few veggies is mind boggling 😉

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