Summer at last in Dunedin and Poppys

2014-12-29 - Poppy 1

When one’s neighbour’s garden can only be described as amazing, it is pure pleasure to water it every morning while they are away. I found what I think must be the ‘biggest poppy in the world’ flowering beside the chicken coop this morning and got lots of brownie points for bringing it to Mrs BYF ! There are many more buds so there will be seeds for next year. The pictures shows the huge bloom in a jug with ordinary sized poppys.

3 thoughts on “Summer at last in Dunedin and Poppys

  1. What a lovely poppy! We grow a lot of opium poppies here in Tasmania and at certain times of year, the fields around here look magnificent. The roadsides are often places where these poppies grow but it is illegal for anyone to grow them in their gardens. Funny eh? 😉

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