Summer in Dunedin: A Day at Alans Beach

If one had a bucket list of animals one can be chased by, mine would have a few ticks already! Elephant – tick (but, I was in a car ). Rhino – almost tick ( we were told which way to run should the wind turn, so it could have happened) . Humongous sea lion – Yup!  It emerged from the surf a few meters away from where we were peacefully having a coffee causing us to grab the baby , cameras and picnic things and run. He followed us and almost caught up when we doubled back around a volcanic rock an he continued on wondering where we had gone. He was not the only sea lion on the beach, one was sleeping on its back in the sand and another seemed to try and kill a smaller animal by lying on top of it and biting it.  All very exciting – who needs Bondi’s cafes if one could have a wild beach in Dunedin.

The sea was too rough for us to swim but we did paddle in the pristine ice blue water and the water did not feel cold at all.  The drive there is spectacular as is the beach. Very few people were to be seen considering it was Sunday and the hottest day of the year so far. Another day in paradise!


2015-01-06 - Beach 5 2015-01-06 - Beach 4 2015-01-06 - Beach 3 2015-01-06 - Beach 2 2015-01-06 - Beach 1

5 thoughts on “Summer in Dunedin: A Day at Alans Beach

  1. Lucky you thought to hightail it and double back! What a gorgeous beach and you live in one of the most beautiful places in the world 🙂

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