2015-02-26 - Sick Giraffe

Do yourself a favor and allocate 15 minutes of your time to read all three articles.

We are trying at all costs to stay away from purchased products.





4 thoughts on “ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING!!

  1. Just reading those articles made me feel ill. It’s almost as bad here in Australia. Even though we are on a very low student income I am going to do what I can to source organic food from now on. We use a LOT of potatoes and I just read that they have a significant amount of pesticides in them as does celery that we also use. Looks like it is even more important to grow our own food than I thought. Cheers for sharing these valuable links. Might be time to stop being lazy and just eating what is in the supermarkets and go hunting for sources of quality organic fruit and veggies. The comment about everything that contains wheat or grains is contaminated as well was particularly poignant. Looks like it’s time to start reading labels and choosing organic alternatives. The shopping is going to get a whole LOT more expensive 😦

      • Growing as much as you can yourself and purchasing the rest from local suppliers that you can forge good relationships with is a great start. That way you know what is in your food. I get the heebie-jeebies when I think about what our food supply has been harbouring over the last 40 years or so and how that is going to affect us all. A bit like smoking back in the 60’s and how all of our parents are shuffling off with lung cancer and heart attacks…the sins of the fathers revisit the sons 😦

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