Fridge Pickings and a Gift of Beans makes Lunch

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The kids went away on holiday and we were told to remove all the perishables from their fridge. We found spring onions, mushrooms, small tomatoes and lemons. Great! That sounds like lunch already, but when we got home the neighbour had left us some freshly harvested beans.  I augmented everything with  fresh chili and a tiny garlic bulb from the garden, picked some parsley, and this was the lunch made by the Never Trow Out Anything maniac in the kitchen.  A bit of lemon went into a gin and tonic for Mrs BYF, and the rest was squeezed over the peeled apples (from the tree at the back door) for the apple  crumble which is now in the oven !  The rustic bread and salami was made by me. Wash it all down with a glass of great red home brew and ENJOY!!

7 thoughts on “Fridge Pickings and a Gift of Beans makes Lunch

  1. How incredibly satisfying that meal is because you grew or saved most of it yourself and it was no doubt delicious as well. I love it when I can find something tasty to make from leftovers and it’s even better when the leftovers end up tasting better than the original meal. SCORE! My grandma was very frugal. She used to say “frugality is it’s own reward”. I now know what she meant 🙂

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