Puffball Mushrooms


2015-03-11- Puff Ball 12015-03-11- Puff Ball 22015-03-11- Puff Ball 42015-03-11- Puff Ball 3

We are so privileged that Puffball Mushrooms are growing in our friend’s garden across the road, and even more privileged that they are prepared to to share it with us for a MUSHROOM FEAST every year. So it was with great excitement that they called and announced that the puffballs are up. We went to take photographs today and will harvest them tomorrow for the feast in the evening. We shall report on recipes and results the day after tomorrow!!! How good can life be?

4 thoughts on “Puffball Mushrooms

  1. I read that all puffballs are edible, is that right? Your friend is very lucky to have such magnificent specimens growing in her garden. I get ink caps growing in the mix in my garden as well as the odd stock standard or Swiss brown that comes from the mushroom compost that we use to top dress the garden on occasions. Can’t wait to see what you guys do with your bounty 🙂

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