Another Giant Puffball Mushroom ! (Calvatea gigantea)

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It was our second opportunity to taste a Puffball mushroom.  This one was a lot bigger than the previous one and after everyone had eaten we still had leftovers. The texture is marshmallowy or tofu like and is complimented well if fried in a crispy jacket of egg and unflavoured fresh bread crumbs ( Since I had fed all the bread that Mrs BYF had saved for the crumbs to the chickens she had to make do with foccacia crumbs, which were a trifle coarse). The flavour is very delicate, subtle mushroom and is easily lost by adding spices or other flavours. The breadcrumbs were considered salty enough so no salt was added. We used a bit of vegetable oil and butter as the frying medium.   Previously we made a frittata with a bit of uncooked mushroom, which was nice, but did not do the mushroom any favours. The texture was lost in that of the cooked egg and the flavour was hardly discernible. The piece of mushroom had also spent the night in the fridge and that may also have been a bad idea.

The spores of this mushroom could be dormant for 10 years and mushrooms only appear when conditions are perfect. Nobody knows what conditions are required, so we can only hope and keep an eye out for next Autumn.

Crumbed and Fried.  Enjoy!




9 thoughts on “Another Giant Puffball Mushroom ! (Calvatea gigantea)

  1. One of those foods that you just have to get stuck into when they erupt. What lucky people you are! It certainly looks delicious. I wonder what it would be like in a simple risotto?

    • Yes absolutely wonderful. We had three guests plus us two, served it as a primo piatti (lots of it) and we, as well as our guests, had some for breakfast the following morning – all from ONE mushroom and so delicious. I think your idea of a risotto is very good – I am waiting on the next one, hopefully not ten years. Life is beautiful!

      • Puffball stuffed life is amazing. I wonder if you could stuff them? Cut the top off, scoop out the middle, fry it up and mix it with veggies, some form of meat (chicken, bacon) and the fried “shroom” and maybe some cheese of sorts and then back it drizzled in olive oil…hmmm… now you have me thinking!

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