12 Square Meters of GARDEN for FREE

BEFORE                                                         AFTER

The previous owners thought it good to plant grass, flax, ferns, etc in a premium sunny corner of the garden – all covered with plastic sheeting and the plants peeping through the holes in the sheet. Not only was it ugly, untidy, unproductive and impossible to work because of all the plastic, but also messy. I have at long last plugged up the courage to remove all the plants and sheeting, dig it over and now have a beautiful 12 meter square bed where I have already planted two olive trees and many vegetables to come. The next few weeks will see a lot of compost going in and hopefully soon it will be very productive as it is probably the sunniest spot in the garden. I just cannot understand people wanting to have a “garden” then cover it in plastic and pebbles as this property was two years ago.