Raw Milk from the Loveliest Dairy Farm


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I have known Merral and Alex for some time now and they are probably some of the friendliest, kindest, intelligent and hard working people I have ever known. They came to New Zealand in 2000 and established the most wonderful dairy ever and did everything correctly by the book, working 16 – 18 hours per day for 16 years without a single day off. They provided many families with healthy, tasty and nutritious milk from their very well cared for and loved heard of Jersey cows, and made us all HAPPY. Now a possum infected a single heifer which has caused them to ABRUPTLY loose their LIVELIHOOD, INCOME AND DREAMS. A TB free New Zealand sounds very nice and taking conditions into consideration, it could probably not have been avoided, nor can anybody specifically be blamed, but it may just be time for the MPI to start WALKING THE WALK and stop TALKING THE TALK.

One thought on “MY HEART IS BLEEDING !!

  1. Maybe they should sue DOC for not controlling the wildlife that carries the disease. I live in a TB free zone, so it is possible, just not enough resources have been put in to ensure that all dairy farmers are in TB free zones. Therefore, the responsibility for the spread of TB to his herd is a public good failure and should be compensated for by the system that has failed.

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