Beeswax Face Cream and Furniture Polish

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The face cream and the furniture polish have the same basic recipe. I quite like the thought of that! I did add vitamin E oil to the face cream and broke some lavender flowers in to the polish though.

The jury is still out regarding the moisturiser – some people in the family are allergic to all store bought creams and break out in rashes, pimples and is some cases small weeping sores from them – and it takes about 2 weeks of consistent use before the problems start.  The product feels lovely on the skin and I, for one, ( no allergies) shall be using it during the winter on hands, feet, face and especially lips while working outdoors in the cold.

The furniture polish worked very well on my wood wardrobes, and one can use it for dining tables and all wood food prep surfaces since it does not contain any toxins.

Face Cream and Furniture Polish

1 part beeswax. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on honey combs you can clarify your own wax or you can buy some from beeswax suppliers.

3 or 4 parts olive oil  depending on how soft you want the end product


Create a double boiler from two pots, the bottom one with water and a small spacer, I used a saucer, place the beeswax and olive oil in the top pot and heat.  When clear and melted remove from the heat and add vitamin E oil or lavender flowers. Pour in to containers while hot and stir while cooling.

Apply the mix containing the vitamin E oil to your skin and the lavender scented mix to the furniture 😉




12 thoughts on “Beeswax Face Cream and Furniture Polish

  1. I know I already liked this “recipe” once but I haven’t made it yet. I am going to dig out my beeswax and am going to make it today. I don’t have any vitamin E and I don’t think that fish oil capsules are going to cut the mustard with this cream (unless I want the dogs following me around all day licking their chops 😉 ) so I might have to hunt around a bit for some natural addition but I love the smell of bees wax and don’t mind the scent of olive oil so combined there shouldn’t be any problems. Cheers, again, for this lovely recipe. I am going to Pin it again on another one of my Pinterest boards. This recipe is so lovely and simple that everyone needs to know how to make it 🙂

      • LOL I wouldn’t bet on it as mozzies LOVE the smell of garlic. Might repel people though so there is a positive 😉 Imagine being able to repel people that you really probably don’t want to have to deal with…that annoying relative who just won’t go home…those religious hawkers that also, just won’t go home and salesmen 😉 I think I might check out some nice essential oils while I am in the city staying at my daughters house this weekend as a good alternative as I wouldn’t want to repel “me” now! 😉

  2. These creams look lovely. Sorry I am late to the party with commenting, I am VERY behind in my RSS Feed Reading thanks to some cramming for studies

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