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• Quail Eating Eggs

• Quail (Coturnix coturnix) – Breeding Groups

• Quail (Coturnix coturnix) – Hatching Eggs

• Quail Feed – Specially formulated

• Ancona Chickens – Day Olds, Pullets and Breeding Cockerels

• Ancona Chickens – Hatching Eggs

• Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid and Enzyme Pre-Mixes for all Poultry and Birds

• HyLine Pullets

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Should you be interested in more information on any of the above products, please contact us, or look at the specific product details below

Tel – 0211 34 14 52 / 03 473 0521

9 Lucan Street, North East Valley, Dunedin 9010, Otago, New Zealand

How do you proceed to purchase

1. Send an Email to stating what and how much you require, as well as giving us your mailing address

2. Back Yard Farmer will respond with a final delivered price and supply Bank Details

3. Once you have paid, let us know

4. Back Yard Farmer will ship soon thereafter and provide you with Tracking Details



image2014-04-05 - Quail Eggs 1

Quail Eating Eggs – $ 6.00 per dozen

Delivery charges per container that can hold up to 10 dozen eggs is $9.00 to anywhere in New Zealand. Delivery charges are FREE for any order larger than 10 Dozen eggs (Except for RD charges)

If RD, ad another $7.00 per delivery

We also allow Pick Up



2014-04-04 - Coturnix Italian Female 2 2014-04-04 - Coturnix Italian Male 1

2014-04-04 - Coturnix Pharoah Female 2 2014-04-04 - Coturnix Pharoah Male 1

2014-04-04 - Coturnix Tibetan Female 1 2014-04-04 - Coturnix Tibetan Male 1  2014-04-04 - Coturnix Tuxedo Female 1

2014-04-04 - Coturnix White Female 2  2014-04-04 - Coturnix White Male 3

We sell Breeding groups of Five Females and One unrelated Male for $110

We also sell individual birds at $23 for Females and $12 for Males

Freight can be arranged

We also allow Pick Up


QUAIL (Coturnix coturnix) HATCHING EGGS

2014-03-19 - Day Old Coturnix 2014-01-30 - Coturnix Juvenile Group


Hatching Quail Eggs (Coturnix coturnix) – $14.00 per Dozen. Dispatched on Mondays only.

Delivery charges per container that can hold up to 10 dozen eggs is $9.00 to anywhere in New Zealand. Delivery charges are FREE for any order larger than 10 Dozen eggs (Except for RD charges)

If RD, ad another $7.00 per delivery

We also allow Pick Up



2013-11-25 19.49.42

Back Yard Farmer presently manufactures 3 different Quail Feeds that are all 100% complete and Totally Balanced for different ages and production stages. If you value your quail, feed them correctly for optimum health and production.

28 % Protein Quail Starter Mash – $3.50 per Kg

26 % Protein Quail Growers Mash – $2.90 per Kg

22 % Protein Quail Layers Mash – $2.50 per Kg

Delivery can be for any quantity and combination of feeds

Freight for smaller quantities seem most economical in 15 Kg lots (any combination of different feeds)

South Island (Courier) – $12.00 per 15 Kg (Non RD) – Dispatched every day

North Island – $16.00 per 15 Kg (Non RD) – Dispatched every day

Rural Deliveries – Additional $7.00 per delivery

Special rates apply for any quantity larger than 15 Kg – Please Enquire

We also allow Pick Up


2014-01-28 - Alvin

- Poultry - Back Yard Farmer 019

Day Old Chickens – From $12

Pullets – From $60

Breeding Cocks – From $80

We can also arrange freight

We also allow Pick Up



2013-11-25 20.08.50

Hatching Ancona – $3.00 per egg

Delivery charges per container that can hold up to 5 dozen eggs

Delivery per container to any non RD address in NZ – $10.00

Delivery per container to any  RD address in NZ – $17.00




These Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Enzymes are essential and unique and take care of all amino acid balances using standard materials, supercharging the opportunity across all fronts for the birds to start well, grow well, produce well and be healthy. It gives all birds, old and young, every chance to thrive without antibiotics, which is a big plus. These additives are not only essential for your flock, but also give all poultry that extra boost to keep performing even when under stressful conditions.

South Island (Courier) – $9.00 per delivery (Non RD) – Dispatched every day

North Island – $16.00 per delivery (Non RD) – Dispatched every day

Rural Deliveries – Additional $7.00 per delivery

Special rates apply for any quantity larger than 15 Kg

We also allow Pick Up



2020-01-27 - HyLine Brown Pullets.jpeg

I almost always have HyLine Pullets available for sale – $30



152 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. Hi, maybe we’ve got our wires crossed. I’m looking for 3-4 pullets as I mentioned back in September. I thought we had arranged that I needed to wait 6 months from then, i.e you would have some for me around March. I was just checking that things were still on track. Are the ones I was waiting for now not available and I need to wait another 6 months?

  2. Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been humm-ing and ha-ing about whether we could cope with a rooster in the fold, but no, I don’t think we’re ready to take one on. Will wait for just girls… thanks anyway. Best wishes for xmas and the new year. – Louise

  3. Hi there,
    I’ve been thinking about keeping quail and perhaps adding some of your Ancona’s to my flock of brown shaver hens (do you think mixing the two breeds would be problematic?). I would like to raise them from as close to day old as possible but don’t want any roosters as my neighbours wouldn’t be very happy. Is there a possibility of me returning roosters to you and leaving their fate to my imagination?

    • Amelia – Thanks for the enquiry. Firstly – no I am sure mixing the two chicken breeds is not a problem. Yes I do take back roosters from a number of clients taking day old chickens. Where do you live? Quails I always have as I hatch a batch almost weekly, but most are pre sold. If you want a few only, short notice may be OK, but should you want more, you need to let me know exactly what you are after so I could reserve some specifically for you.

      Thanking you

      Back Yard Farmer
      Tel – 0211 34 14 52 / 03 473 0521
      9 Lucan Street
      North East Valley
      Dunedin 9010
      New Zealand

  4. i am after a breeding group of quail can you send up to Rakaia i have brought from you before different colours in the group would be good

    • Gerard – Thanks you for the inquiry. That is all good. Petbus is running in about three weeks time and I could send them then. Just let me know and I can reserve a group for you. What would you like – 7 Females and two unrelated males? Please advise. Kind regards Domenico Cortesi

  5. Hi there,
    Just wondering what’s the difference between free range and non-free range quail eggs (as I know that quails do fly)? If I order 5 trays of free range and 5 of the other, will the delivery be free? Can you identify the free range ones from the packaging?

    Many thanks,

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for that information. Because of the freight costs it would end up being quite expensive (one of the problems about living in the North Island and being rural). If I added your Vitamin / Mineral / Amino Acid and Enzyme Pre Mix to normal chicken mash/pallets would that provide sufficient protein for the quails or would I have to add something else as well to increase it?



    • Triston – No unfortunately the Vitamin Mineral Pre-Mix does not contain protein. I do have another product that contains the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, diatomaceous earth and oyster shell (for layers) that you mix with any poultry starter mash at a rate of 200 gram plus 800 gram of starter mash which will give you a 100 % balanced ration for quails. This product sells at $4 per Kg. Freight again will be $9 per 10 Kg. This is a much cheaper option if you are prepared to blend the two products. The starter premix and layers premix are two different products, but the same mixing ratio – both commencing with chicken starter mash. I hope this will help.

      Thanking you

      Back Yard Farmer
      Tel – 0211 34 14 52 / 03 473 0521
      9 Lucan Street
      North East Valley
      Dunedin 9010
      New Zealand

    • Ella – They will most definitely survive and do well. I have been breeding them in Northern Italy for decades and it is much colder there than here. As long as they are dry, out of direct drafts and well fed and watered, they are fine.

  7. Hi, I’m interested in the incubator you mentioned. Is it 2nd hand & does it work really well & also does it come with an instruction book because I’ve never used an incubator before? Thanks. Kim

    • Richard. Thanks for the inquiry. I normally sort, sell and cull immediately after five weeks of age So it is fair to say they will be between five and six weeks. Egg production starts at six to seven weeks. Thanking you

  8. hi there im looking at getting some breeding groups of quails at 1 male 4 females.if possible I will be interested in 2-3 different types of quail breeds as I will be keeping them in separate cages for each type so not to mix the breeds.could you suggest what breeds would be good for egg laying through to eating for the pot?

    • Melanie – In my case the Golden Italians and Pharaohs are the best layers. The birds are of reasonable size and slaughtering at five weeks of age give you about 90 % of mature weight, dressing at more than 150 g . These birds are soft and tender to eat. Egg production for these breads are well in excess of 95 % for at least the first year and slightly less in year two. Where in the worls are you?

      • ok thanks for that.that sounds like a plan most likely il keep the females of both groups and incubate some of the eggs from them and grow the chicks and take pot meat from those ones,does that sound like that would be the way to go?oh we are in otaki not long moved to a rural plot finally :),once ive sorted out separate cages for them il be very interested in getting from you if youll be able to help.

  9. Hi I’d like to order a pet house and quails and hatching eggs to be delivered to Auckland, could you provide cost details please. thanks

  10. Hi I’m interested in the pet house for Quails the incubator and dozen hatching eggs to be delivered to Auckland, could you provide me cost details please. thanks

  11. How do you send live birds to Northland?

    i may want 2 or 3 breeding lots if you have a succesfull method of freight

    • Thnaks for the inquiry

      I send by Petbus, which travels once a month. Their fees are about $60 for a large container, that would hold about one group of ten. Please let me know how many you are after, and I can get a definite quote from them. The quote may differ, depending on the crate sizes. If you are taking two to three groups, I would not recommend 3 males per seven females, as you actually only require one male per four females. My breeding groups of 7 + 3, allows for a spare male. So if you want to take 24 females (more than three standard groups), you only would need six males. Please let me know.

      Thanking you

      Back Yard Farmer
      Tel – +64 211 34 14 52
      Dunedin – New Zealand

  12. Hi there, im interested in keeping quails and would like to know whether u can send hatching eggs to me in Westport? And also if u have a beginners guide to raising them or any helpful tips

    • Heather – Yes, I send hatching eggs all over New Zealand very successfully. Please advise where you are and how many eggs you are after and I would be able to give you details on delivery and costs

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