Quail Feed – Mature Birds

The question again is what to feed my mature quails? The answer is simple again – only Quail Laying Mash (Specially formulated for mature Quails) and nothing else. The problem is that the nutritional requirement of quails, as for any animal, are specific for that specie and that is what nutritionists study at university for years to master. Nutritionists see that all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc are there and available in the correct ratio for the animal.  As I look at my quails as highly efficient converters of food into meat and eggs, I want them to have only the best so they can make money for me whilst being healthy and happy. The same principle applies for my Quail Housing – I give them only the best!

Should you keep Quails for a hobby or as a pet, still feed them quail food (that will keep them healthy) but you can also feed them other products from time to time like table scraps, but do not expect maximum production.

See my mature Quail Hens eating Laying Mash from a trough (again made from gutter downpipe)2013-10-09 - Mature Hen eating from Trough