Quail Feeds and Feeders

I have been asked the questions many times. Do I have to wet my feed to the baby quails? – Answer – NO!  Do I have to feed them crumbles only ? – Answer NO! Do I have to feed them anything else ? Answer NO! My birds would eat pellets only – Ansew NO!  Etc Etc. Raising small quails is an easy task. Feed them a Quail Starter Mash (Specially formulated for Quails) until six weeks of time, thereafter a quail Laying Mash (Specially formulated for Quails) and NOTHING else. The only exception is that you can blend in two boiled eggs per 500 g of feed for the first two weeks. Should you want to feed them table scraps, do so only to the mature birds.

See my Baby Quail Feeder and Water Drinker I have made from a gutter downpipe and milk bottle respectively – costing almost nothing, takes five minutes to make and works wonderful2013-10-09 - Young Quail Feeder close 2013-10-09 - Young Quail Feeder 2013-10-09 - Young Quail Water Drinker.