Pickled Quail Eggs

2013-11-29 - Fresh Quail Eggs

Pickled Quail Eggs 

For the Pickling Liquid

4 cups white wine vinegar

2 tablespoons pickling salt

1 tablespoon cayenne pepper

10 cloves garlic, crushed

20 black peppercorns

20 all spice berries

1 tablespoon mustard seeds

1 large onion finely sliced

50 g finely sliced ginger

5 bayleaves

4 hot chilies finely sliced

1 handful of chopped, fresh, continental parsley

1/2 handful of chopped, fresh, thyme

Boil all the ingredients for about 10 minutes. Let it stand for a few hours

For the Eggs

5 dozen quail eggs

Put the eggs in a pot of cold water , make sure the eggs are well covered with water. Boil the eggs for 10 minutes from the time the water starts to bubble strongly. Remove from the heat and hold under the cold tap until the eggs are cool enough to handle. Keep the eggs in the water and peel them, moisture on the shell makes peeling a bit easier.

Assembling the Pickles

Pack the canning jars with enough eggs to ensure that they will not float around, and pour the pickling liquid over the eggs. Make sure that all the eggs are completely covered. Close the jars tightly. Put the bottles in a large pot with enough water to cover the bottles. Bring the water to the boil and boil for 20 minutes from the time the water starts boiling strongly.

Leave for a month at least and enjoy!