2013-12-03 - Polenta

To make good Polenta is an art.

1 Cup Polenta Flour

3.5 Cups of warm tap water

1 Teaspoon salt

40 g Butter

60 g Grated Parmigiano Cheese (Optional)

Ad Water, Polenta Flour and Salt to a pot and heat mildly until boiling – stir continuously. Lower heat and continue to cook and stir frequently until Polenta is done (when it comes away from the side when stirring is normally an indication that it is cooked). Take off the heat and stir in the Butter and Parmigiano Cheese.


To stir a flat based pot must be done with an instrument with a straight flat side at the end. One cannot stir the bottom of a flat pot with a rounded spoon. The bottom of the pot is warmer than the rest and the starches gelatinise at the bottom first. If the bottom contents is not regularly loosened and mixed with the rest, it will burn and stick to the pot – that is why a porridge pot is always so difficult to clean. Making Polenta requires the pot base to be stirred / scraped and “cleaned” all the time.

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