Starter platter with quick tasty raw broad bean spread

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Raw Broad bean spread (can also be used as pasta sauce), pickled quail eggs and home made focaccia bread to start the meal. Great to nibble at while the barbecue gets going. I have already posted the recipe for the pickled eggs. The recipe for the spread is based on one of Marcella Hazan’s dishes from the region of Liguria in Italy:

Broadbean Spread (Maro)

about 200 g beans out of the pod and skinned

2 tablespoons of grated Romano cheese. Pecorino will also do

1/2 teaspoon very finely chopped garlic

4 tablespoons best quality extra virgin olive oil. I use a few more because I live olive oil

7 large mint leaves

fresh ground black pepper

1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice

Put all the ingredients in to the blender and process to a creamy consistency. Taste and add salt if needed. Should you use Romano cheese you may not need salt at all.

To serve spread thickly on strips of toast or fresh bread, use as a nutritious dip for biscuits and chips, or put a few spoon fulls on fresh cooked hot pasta.