What are you harvesting from your veggie patch this week?

We moved to Dunedin in winter this year. I was surprised to find the soil in the existing veg patch to consist almost completely of clay. Improving the soil was a major effort but with diligent composting and working in, things have improved greatly. The veg I planted in the clay just did not grow and one can see the progress I have made regarding the soil improvement by comparing the growth rates of the veg rows planted in clay, then the rows planted in the improved soil.

This week I am harvesting more broad beans (see my recipes for sauces both raw and cooked), radishes (cook the leaves with onion and garlic), rhubarb, lettuce and kale. I do not harvest peas or green beans because my grandchildren eat them off the plants. They do not have a chance to grow very big, either!

Because we know so little about what grows well in Dunedin we are watching and waiting with the rest of the garden. We would like advice on which flowering shrubs will grow on our side of the hill because, although we have  a mature garden we would like more spring flowers. We loved the rhododendrons and are planning to put in several colours. The flowering spring trees all over Dunedin were spectacular but we do not have room for more trees unfortunately.