Coturnix Breeding Program is making Progress

Should you have a sound breeding strategy and clear selection criteria results are due to follow, provided you have the numbers and ability and means to identify parameters. I have been incubating 150 – 200 eggs every two weeks for the past few months in execution of my breeding program and I think I have bred and identified two exceptional individuals. I normally, because of the sheer numbers of birds, do not give my Quails or Quail Lines names, but have decided to make an exception with these two – hence please meet Bill and Tri

Bill is from my A & M Texan White Strain in which I have a number of excellent specimens. I have two lines available and after some line breeding and then out crossing I have bred Bill. Not only does he (at this stage) have an exceptional temperament (his dad, No 17,  is a very good male, good temperament and also gentle with the girls), very good conformation and strong constitution, he also weighed in at 201 grams at six weeks of age. I am not trying to breed bigger and bigger, but with the Whites being a “Dual Purpose” quail, I am delighted with the size and growth rate.

Tri is a Tibetan male. I find the Tibetans to be very aggressive, though well adapted to cage conditions. Tri is out of my most beautiful Male – No 33, and a hen which was part of a group of five that produced 165 eggs in 33 days (100%), then unfortunately one of the girls missed out. I have selected the most perfect female out of this group, which are all unrelated to No 33 to breed Tri, who weighed in at 179 Grams himself at six weeks of age. No 33 has one full sister who at present has done 69 eggs in 78 days.  She is presently with a male that is a Full Brother to Tri’s Mother.  Tri has all the qualities of an excellent bird being sound, strong and calm, but very dominant already among  his piers. The one negative trait of the Tibetans is that the Males are  not kind to the girls and I have to remove them  from time to time. I also give the Tibetan Males up to seven females to keep them busy, but that even seems to be too few.  The Italians and Whites are perfectly good even one Male with one Female (Perfect Gentlemen)

Needless to say 2013-12-26 10.26.54 2013-12-26 10.22.57 2013-12-26 10.18.27 2013-12-26 10.26.23Tri and Bill are going to be part of future breeding programs.