Backyard Killer

The neighbour’s dog killed one of my roosters a few weeks ago. The fence was duely patched up on their side but the dog continued to find new ways of entering my yard. It is a huge animal and can force its way through any hedge.  It also jumps over fencing that would deter a smaller dog. Last night it broke in to one of my quail cages and now 6 quails are missing, presumably killed. The neighbour was as upset as we were about the dead rooster but I have not seen her about the quails yet.

We live in a street with good neighbours, everyone a gardener and a few with chickens roaming about. There are plenty of dogs but up until now none of them have been a nuisance.  I would hate to disturb this happy state of affairs but I have to address the cruel deaths of my birds.

What a rotten start to the day.

5 thoughts on “Backyard Killer

  1. Oh BUGGER 😦 As an owner of 2 large dogs I make SURE that they can’t get out unless supervised and on lead. I would hate for one of my dogs to kill anything that belonged to anyone else let alone of ours. I think it is vitally important to make sure your animals are contained if you want to keep them whether they are small or big dogs or cats. They can all do some serious damage to a quail or a baby chick (let alone a rooster). How awful for you to have to tell them and how guilty they are going to feel! I think it is time to put that dog on a chain after they recompense you financially for your lost stock. You told them the first time…THAT is when they should have acted on the problem, not let it carry on. The ball is firmly in their court now.

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